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Chris Gould <oldandintheway9@...>

Dear All
This is an up-date to my previous thanks.I am most grateful for the
large number of responses I have received on this (they are still coming
in).... The overwhelming view was that the place mentioned in the manifest
was referring to Grimalow/v, Gryzmalow, Grimaylov. Regardless of these
differences, it was thought to be at Latitude 49, 21, 0 and Longitude
26 0 0 and Nr. Skalat. This all places it in Ukraine. However, when I
search Google maps for Gryzmalow, as well as the one in Ukraine,
I get 2 further hits - one in Miechow County (just north of Krakow) and
one in Opoczno County (south-west of Lodz). This latter would make
more sense (much more than Ukraine) in terms of family origins.
My question is whether either of these 2 current Polish locations
would have been considered as being in Galicia in 1922.=
Thanks for your responses, Regards
Christopher GOULD/London UK

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