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Shaul Berger <shaul@...>

Bubylu@...) wrote: My husband just came across his late grandfather's
Palestine Bond and he as well as myself,
were wondering if anyone can help us. Can this be redeemed and how can we
go about redeeming it? The bond was >issued April 2, 1901. It was issued by the Jewish Colonial Trust.
The Jewish Colonial Trust (JCT), the parent company of the Anglo Palestine
Bank, was founded by Theodore Herzl to serve as a financial instrument for
the Zionist movement. Early in the 20th century, the company issued
approximately 250,000 shares at par value of £1. Many Jews in Europe
acquired those shares in the period prior to WWII.. Several years ago
Israeli government established a company dedicated to return these assets
to their lawful owners. This company is called - Company for
Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims Assets LTD .
The web site contains list of assets and owners.

This is the good news. Unfortunately the deadline for placing
claims was end of 2008. In addition to that, >from our own experience
they currently handle only assets owned by Holocaust victims. This means
that for example if the original owner died prior to Holocaust
(like 3 great grandfathers of my wife who were also owners of these bonds),
these bonds are currently not returned to the legitimate
heirs (there is good chance that owner of 1901 bond died before 1939).

Shaul Berger

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