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Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

In 1922 no place was "in Galicia." Poland had been reconstituted as a
nation and the geographic term Galicia was an unpleasant reminder of foreign
occupation. It was not officially used. The lands that had been Galicia
were organized as four provinces, Krakow, Lwow, Ternopol, and Stanislawow.

The Polish spelling of the town near Skalat was Grzymalow. There was only
one place with that name in Galicia in the days when Galicia was a province
of the Austrian Crown, and that was the one near Skalat in modern Ukraine.
A Google maps search hits the one you mentioned in Miechow County (just
north of Krakow). This would have been in the Russian Empire prior to WWI.
It looks like it is about 20 km >from Krakow, which was in Galicia. Since
the borders were open to trade and other movements, it is not impossible for
this to be your town of interest even though it was not in Galicia except
for a few years after the Third Partition of Poland and before the Congress
of Vienna.

A town near Lodz would also have been in the Russian Empire, not Galicia,
during the 19th century.

Peter Zavon, Editor
Gesher Galicia Family Finder
Penfield, NY


"Chris Gould" wrote
snip..was referring to Grimalow/v, Gryzmalow, Grimaylov. Regardless of these
differences, it was thought to be at Latitude 49, 21, 0 and Longitude
26 0 0 and Nr. Skalat.

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