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I received a number of emails asking for more information regarding
my gggf, so I figured I'd just post it instead of sending it out
one by one.

he information I have is such.

His full name was Shalom Gelerinter. He was born in Poland, year unknown,
but his eldest son, my GGF was born in roughly 1878. So, I ballpark his
birth about 20 years earlier. His son immigrated to the US >from Israel
in 1902, and all of my GGGF's childrens' families grew up in Israel,
but at least my GGF, the eldest, was born outside of Israel, so I figure
Shalom immigrated to Israel probably somewhere in the mid 1880s to early 1890s.

I know he's buried in Israel, I believe in Har HaZaitim. Possibly
Har HaMenuchot. The only information I got regarding that was when a
distant cousin (who I actually met on JewishGen, thanks!) found out
that he was buried in the "Prushim" section, but never said of which
cemetary, but it seemed like Har HaZaitim based on the whole topic at
the time. This information gave me his death date (9 Sivan, 5677 -
30 May, 1917) and that his father's name was Yisroel. I have yet to
see this tombstone, as I've only been in Israel once since I learned of it
and had food poisoning the day I was supposed to go! Also, I've requested
a couple times on the list, but nobody seems to be going that direction
to be able to take a picture for me. (if anyone reading this thinks that
they can manage that, please let me know, thanks)

His wife, Alta Miriam Kahane-Shapira was >from a large rabbinic family
from Poland. They had 5 children. My GGF Avrohom, Raizel, Elazar Menachem,
Yisroel Shimon and Aharon. A grandson of Raizel actually just found me
through JewishGen as well and shares my interest in learning about
Shalom, but only speaks Hebrew and is having lots of trouble navigating
archives etc. I have a few hundred descendants of these siblings recorded
so far, but I can't seem to go back UP the chain and learn anything
about Shalom and above.

I learned >from R' Meir Wunder's "Meorei Galicia" that he was a teacher.
Truthfully, his name wasn't mentioned under Gelerinter, but under the
Kahane-Shapira line since he married into that line, as mentioned above.
This cousin seems to remember that Shalom's son, Yisroel Shimon, was
referred to as the Tomshover, since the family came >from Tomshov.
I found reference of one Gelerinter in Meorei Galicia that had ties to
Tomshov, but can't connect those dots. He said that he learned he was
referred to as this since >from time to time, Yisroel Shimon would come
to the (as he put it) Beit Medrash of "Churvai Hagur" and receive
"sherayim" or "leftovers" >from the Rebbe using the name "R' Shimon Tomshover".

I also learned >from this cousin that Shalom was a Rebbe or administrator
of sorts in the Yeshiva in Jerusalem "Chayei Olam", which was founded,
in part by his father-in-law, R' Yaakov Kahane-Shapira AKA R' Yaakov Jeliner.

Well, I think that should mostly cover it. If this helps anyone,
I'd appreciate any and all assistance in finding out more about R' Shalom
and any more of the family.

Thank you all.

Dovie Gelerinter

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