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Re: 1905 Philadelphia Manifest Marking and Missing Philadelphia Death Cert

Dear Genners

On Dec. 25 1905, Elik CHIRURG arrived in Philadelphia on the SS
Merion sailing >from Liverpool. He was headed for his father
Rubin CHIRURG in Pittsburg.

To the left of his line on the manifest (#28) there is the clear notation "
M.H.S." and near the end of his line to the right "Notif". I have
found no mention of the first notation in the article on manifest
notations on the jewishgen site and wonder what it means. The second
notation means "notified" I assume. I see the "M.H.S." notation
elsewhere on the manifest but haven't puzzled it. I am hoping that one
of the many sage people reading this site will know. It might help
solve the mystery below.

Per family lore, Elik CHIRURG (Judah Alexander) died on his way over
to America or immediately after arriving. His pregnant widow - ignorant
of his death - followed him a few weeks later together with their son
as the couple had prearranged. Only after her arrival did she learn
of his death. She remained in America long enough to give birth (to
a daughter, Julia - named for her father?) then returned with her children
to England (London) arriving June 5 1906. She had close relatives there
and lived the rest of her life in London. She did tell her daughter that
she (Julia) had been born in the US (Pittsburgh) but though the daughter
wrote to America she was never able to locate a US birth certificate.

Despite that failure, this story is mostly corroborated. I have the three
manifests in question and Julia's patently-false English birth certificate
recorded June 25 1906 which nevertheless shows that her father was

But I have been unable to locate a death certificate for her father.
I have searched the recently-available online index for Philadelphia
but have been unable to see any entry that looks likely to be his
(ca age 26 date of death Dec 1905-May 1906). (See record search at Maybe the index is incomplete for 1905-6?

If not, maybe Judah Elik (Alexander) CHIRURG made it to Pittsburgh alive
and that's where I should be looking for his death cert.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Linda Rose Mar
Sunnyvale California USA

Utena Lith & environs: KOMRAZ COMRAS
Rivne Ukraine: ROSENBERG

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