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Juan Carlos Emden

Looking for descendants of Alfobs HEILBRONNER (1899-1973)I am looking
for present-day descendants of the German Jewish antiques dealer Alfons
Heilbronner (b. May 30, 1899, Berlin, d. December 3, 1973, Buenos Aires).
His parents had been Max Heilbronner and Olga Heilbronner, nee Fraenkel
(born at Munich, Germany). Apparently, Alfons had three siblings:
Fanny, Nelly and Franz (all born at Berlin, Germany). His sister Fanny
perhaps was married to Nicolaus Fraenkel, two daughters:Madeleine und Annie.
Alfons, his mother Olga (his father Max probably died in Berlin already
in 1926) and his sister Nelly emigrated to France (Monaco and Nice) in 1937,
later on moved forward to Buenos Aires, Argentina.Perhaps there was an uncle,
a brother of his father Max - Henri Heilbronner by name - residing at
Lucerne, Switzerland, after WWII until the early 1970s. Some his -
Henri's - relatives might have been Edgar and Paula Heilbronner and
Nicolas and Alive Maikoff-Heilbronner >from Basel, Switzerland.
Another close relative of Alfons might have been Fried(e)l Heilbronner,
resident at Paris in the 1970s.Any information is greatly appreciated.

juan carlos EMDEN in Valparaiso Chile

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