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Two resources for finding towns in "greater Hungary" are:

1) which has a several gazetteers of Hungary
(a searchable 1913 one, as well as 1882 and 1995).

2) which is a database
of place names >from what used to be part of Hungary. (It's in Hungarian,
but fairly simple to operate.)

Unfortunately, Szent Márton was quite popular in Hungary, and that name
appears all over. But there is a Borsodszentmárton in the Sajószentpéter
district of Borsod County. also known as Bu"kkszentmárton, it is about
20 km south of Ózd. The Hungarian name for Martinová was Mártonfalva
(or Mártonfala), in Rima-szécs district of Gömör megye, when it was part
of Hungary, and is about 15 km north of Ózd.

....... tom klein, toronto

"Shaul Berger" <> wrote:

The paternal side of my family is originally >from Nograd area. SPITZER
part is >from Szecseny and BERGER part is >from Shirkovce area (south of
Rimavska Sobota). My father's aunt Franzi Berger married (around
1907 +-5 years) ???? MANDEL and they lived in Ozd. Her parents were
Jozef Berger and Rosa Rosalia KONIG, married in 1862. Ozd is in
Hungary on the other side of today's border with Slovakia, maybe
10 miles >from Shirkovce.

When searching the LDS tape that contains data on Ozd (births
1868 - 1895), I found two children (Herman b. 1871 and Franczi
b.1873) born to Jozef Berger and Rozi Konig that lived in Szt.
Marton. I am trying to locate Szt. Marton.

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