photographers in the Klein Reken to Dortmund area in the late 1800s- around 1905 #germany


I wonder if anyone on this list knows anything about photographers who
were in the Dortmund- Klein Reken area of Germany in the early part
of the 1900s. My brother found some very old family photos that he
does not even remember getting. Only one has any information on the
front or back about the photographer, but they all appear to be taken
by a professional. We wonder if they were all taken by the same professional.

Would anyone know if there were several professional photographers in
that area in the early 1890s to about 1905?

The only one with any information on it is of my grandmother's sister
Sophia HUMBERG PINS, who was killed in the Shoah. She looks about 25
in the photo, which would make it 1905ish.

On the back of the photo it says, "Photogr. Atelier
Hammerschlag" then it says "Dortmund Westenhellweg" (must be the address)
Nachjedem Bilde Bis
Platte bleibt Aufbewahrt"

at the top is the number 27719

from this information does anyone know if this is the only photographer
in that area at that time.

Thanks so much, Lin HERZ Palm Bay, Florida

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