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Mark Strauss

Dear Genners
With all the discussion recently about jewish surnames and their animal
antecedents. (Bear, Lion, Wolf, "Ass", etc.), I was wondering about my
own surname, STRAUSS. I'm aware that it is derived >from Ostrich in
German. Is there a biblical reference for Ostrich; or does it detect
someone with a long neck; or possibly someone who hides >from danger, by
putting one's head in the sand? The Romans had a phrase: "Nomen et
omen" and their is a Russian adage, "A ship will sail as it is named.
Both suggest that names are prophetic. I assume that originally the
qualities of a person inflenced the selection of the animal that would
become their surname, (not unlike how native Americans were
traditionally named.) With that in mind, I'm curious what other Jewish
names are derived >from animals; and what were the traits that such
names suggested. Thanks.
Mark Strauss in NYC seeking:
STRAUSS (Ostrich) >from Scranton, PA and Zeteny, Slovakia
BERKOWITZ (Bear) >from Wilkes Barre, PA and Slovakia
BRODY/BRODIE/BROIDO/BRAUDA >from Atlanta, GA, Youngstown, OH, and
Zezmer, Lithuania
WOLF/RUSSEK (Wolf) >from Indianapolis, IN and Lithuania
MARKEL/MARGUL >from Somerville, MA, and Lodz, Poland

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