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Rod Miller <rpm@...>

Dear Gersigers,=20

I was in the departement of Cote d=E2=80=99OR archives in Dijon last
week researching political prisoners >from the German occupied Channel
Islands who were incarcerated in Fort d=E2=80=99Hauteville for the Frank
Falla Archive. The Dijon archives have the complete prisoner listings
with previous residence, court that prosecuted them, date in, date out,
and place of next incarceration.

A number of Channel Island survivors wrote in 1960s testimonials that
the prison was "full" of Jewish people who had been arrested
attempting to cross illegally >from Nazi-occupied France into the"
free zone" of Vichy France.

I had very little time in the archives and had to focus on the project I
am working on, but happened to notice a couple of prisoners with German
names and places of birth and next transports to Drancy Transit camp, so
I noted them down. Upon arriving back home, I looked them up, and in
both cases they were imprisoned ca. 6 months in Hauteville, then sent
for a week to Drancy before being deported to their deaths in Auschwitz.

There were hundreds, if not several thousand, of Jewish people
incarcerated in Hauteville prior to deportation and the topic remains
completely unresearched, to my knowledge. Certainly nothing has been
published about it and none of the memoirals -French or German at least
- have added Hauteville as a place of imprisonment to the records of
the people that were there.

Nor is there any memorial whatsoever at the prison itself, which would
make a wonderful museum someday if funding could be found.

If anybody is looking for a research topic, I would highly recommend
this. It is very well documented and the documents are easily available
in a very friendly archive. If anyone is interested I can give you the
information for the archive numbers of the documents and get you in
contact with the archives.

I was allowed into the prison (it is on a closed military installation)
and took some photographs that you can view at:

Regards, Roderick Miller Berlin, Germany rpm@...

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