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David Rubin

Sid Greenberg of Thornhill, Ontario wrote: "I found my father's ship
line, there he was with his family, and his name was Mysl. Has any one
ever heard of this name? We always knew his Hebrew name was Aron, and he
was called Joseph."
In a message dated 8/8/2009 celiamale@... >writes:
We have had a number of replies - but why speculate? As he left the UK he
was called Michael. He appears to have a brother with a more puzzling
Uryph or Urysh? What was he called on arrival in Canada?

On the Canadian manifest which we pointed to the
other day, there is both a Michael 9, and a Mysl 7,
both male. So most likely the Michael indexed in the
UK database is the older brother.

We also saw the index for Uryph at the UK site but have not
looked at the manifest to verify the accuracy of the transcriber.
It is more likely this is Mysl if the age is correct.

In addition, Mysl is a valid Yiddish name for several Hebrew names .
How it relates to Aaron or Joseph would be more speculation without
additional information.

David Rubin and Mrs. Rubin

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