JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Yevzor, Evzor or Ozer as given names #general

Herbert Lazerow

I have an ancestor whose first name is listed in various records as Yevzor
or Evzor or Ozer... >from Slutsk, Belarus.
You have two possibilities here.
There is one line of names coming >from Joshua (Yehoshooe),
which in Russia comes out as Evsei (pronounced Yevsei), Govshei,
Ovsei, Oshe and Yoshue. In English-speaking countries these usually
become Joshua, but I have seen some people take the English name Herman.
The other line of names comes >from the biblical name Asher,
one of Jacob's sons. In eastern Europe it appears as Osher, Oser, Usher.

Herbert Lazerow
San Diego CA,

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