JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Could we Create One Overall Family Tree from JRI-Poland? #general

Ron Kaminker <Ron@...>


I, as most Jgenners, use JRI-Poland frequently and find it an invaluable

I have an idea that may not be feasible either practically or economically,
but nevertheless, I thought it may be worth suggesting for discussion:

Could there be a way to "link up" the records in JRI-Poland so that as
opposed to receiving just a list of records, you would be able to see family
trees like in FTJP?

When I receive records, I frequently see ,many records for one family but
they are scattered about. One idea, might be that there is a mechanism for
people who search for records to do the assign the connections themselves,?

This also could be very helpful for Yad Vashem records as well.

Ron Kaminker

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