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Howard Lewin began this thread with the question "Has any standard evolved on how
to list these cities on one's family tree?" Many valid opinions were subsequently

My response specifically differentiated between family trees and other purposes and
referenced Gary Mokotoff's article, "A Proposed Standard for Names, Dates and
Places In a Genealogical Database" for his opinion.

Another opinion is expressed in Steve's Genealogy Blog article "Describing Place
Names in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth" at

Bette Mas
Florida, USA

Bette Mas wrote:
< My standard is to use the town/country name that is relevant to the date of the
birth/marriage/death event. Then in "Ancestral Town" notes, I add coordinates,
historical border changes and updated town/country name information... For
JewishGen Family Finder and other purposes, the standard is the modern town/country
name. >

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