ViewMate translation from German & Polish request for BECKER & COHN documents, Tuchola area (Prussia) #germany

Tamar Amit <ta.genealogy@...>

Dear siggers,

Four more registrations were uploaded to Viewmate >from my newly
enhanced BECKER branch .

I'd appreciate any assistance with exact dates, names of parents,
spouses including maiden names, occupations, ages, where they came
from, if they were still alive at the time, other relatives etc.
I think I made outs some of the names but could not understand
relationships or status.

Death registration of BECKER Johanna, Tuchola (Polish).

Death registration of BECKER or COHN Johanna, Tuchola (Polish).

Death registration of COHN David, Tuchola (Polish)
It was reported by who I presume is my gt-grandmother, Roza BECKER nee
LEVY so there is probably a connection.

Marriage registration of BECKER Salomon & LOEFFLER ?, Lubiewo near
Tuchola (German).
I suspect this is a late registration.

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you very much, Tamar Amit ISRAEL

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