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Erika Herzog

This is a great thread / discussion.

I think that listing somewhere on the indexes would be very helpful so that there
is a reduction of duplicated efforts. So if I manage to track down an actual PSA
record and/or a microfilm record, have it translated, then another person looking
at that same record would know the work is already "done".

For the shtetl Golub-Dobrzy, Poland, specifically, some of the records are actually
already translated (I am helping someone who is doing this). How do I (a) let
people know this and (b) share the information in the most organized and efficient
way possible. Especially given the fact that the PSA records are harder to obtain,
I believe this issue is even more important.

Not sure of a mechanical / practical solution to this problem, but it would be very
helpful if there was some way to coordinate this information possibly through Town
Leaders or Co-Op Leaders for individual towns. Maybe as a status update somewhere
on the individual town listing?

Then the next step -- the hardest step (as described below) -- would be feeding
this data into a family tree. Beyond what I am doing now (which is manual input),
something like what commercial genealogy websites (i.e.,'s leafs,'s Hot Matches,'s Smart Matches) use for matching would be
ideal. I don't work for these companies and mention them to illustrate the
functionality and their common application online.

I would be interested in hearing >from the respective websites (JewishGen and
JRI-Poland) powers that be on the potential for this functionality.

Avigdor Ben-Dov <a.bendov@...> wrote:
Ron Kaminker suggests:
"Could there be a way to 'link up' the records in JRI-Poland so that as opposed
to receiving just a list of records, you would be able to see family trees like
in FTJP?"
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