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Anne Prince <laidlaw1@...>

Hello GerSig,
My sister in law and I have been working on our family genealogy for while
now and just completed it however I am continuing my research. Our cousin
had done the family genealogy some years ago so we were able to use her
findings. I am computer literate and able to do research but have run
0ut of places to look.

We have most relative dates but not always dates of birth going right back
to the beginning.

My primary goal now is to track down our Jewish connection which has been
difficult as I have so little information, particularly on my Grandmothers
side and the Patriarch of our family.

1: SCHUHMACHER Heinrich arrived in Cape Town South Africa in 1724 from
Bosau Holstein Germany where he changed his name to Hendrik SCHOEMAN . He
was married twice. Wife no 1: Martha OLIVIER, Wife no 2: Johanna BOTHA .

2.: SCHOEMAN Marthinus Gerhardus b 20 April 1876 d 9 August 1947. (My
direct Grandfather 6th Generation) ( I have found photos of their
gravestones on eGGSA)

3: SCHOEMAN Elizabeth Gertruida (nee VENTER) b 6 June 1884 d 8 April 1958.
(My Grandmother.) They passed away in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

I am South African born and bred now living in Perth Western Australia. My
native language is English but I speak fluent Afrikaans as well.

Kindest regards, Anne Prince, Perth, Western Australia laidlaw1@...

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