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Steve Orlen

Dear Cousins,

A cousin asked me to ask all of you WOLINSKY's out there to share your name
origins. Here is mine, in a sort of list form:
The Kiev census spelling in 1848 & 1875 was both VILENSKIJ & VOLYNSKIY, in
reference to people in my family who lived variously in the towns of Boguslav,
Zvenigorodka, & Mironovka. A researcher >from Odessa writes: "In 1894th year
VOLYNSKY Froim Mendelev died. He was your relative." I found a cousin "Israel
WOLIN aka VOLENSKI" marrying 7 Feb 1897 at the East London Synagogue. The 1911
British Census shows him as WOLINSKY. In 1921 Sarah WOLINSKY arrived in NY >from
Palestine. Morris WOLINSKY died 16 November 1937, as Morris WOLINS. On legal
documents before that, he was WOLINSKY. His son Joe went by WOLINS. A
newly-discovered branch of the family >from Zlotopol' Ukraine spelled it WILENSKY,
in America. (I haven't found their manifests yet, so I don't know how it's spelled

On the Jewish Gen Family Finder I found variations on the name >from Poland,
WALENSKI, & WOLINSKY. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the name in Ukraine seems to
mean someone >from the village of Volna; in Lithuania, someone >from Vilna; in
Poland, >from the village(s) of Wola.

Please answer privately to sorlen@...

Best, Steve Orlen Tucson Arizona

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