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Alicia Weiss

I am hoping some kind Genners can help with what are my only (flimsy)links to my
maternal grandparents, who disappeared when my mother was a child. Their names were
Edward and Sarah [Pressman] Hempel, although I believe they likely adopted one or
more other names after leaving Philadelphia in the 1920s. Moreover, I am not
convinced that Edward Hempel (or something like it) even was my grandfather's name
in Poland. Much mystification! I currently have 2 files posted on ViewMate.

1)VM13347 is a Rosenbaum Bank Record for a journey made in early 1915 >from
Goldsboro, NC to Philadelphia, PA. Under the heading of S.S. Line is an
abbreviation that appears only to be Bro. Does this suggest a S.S. line that might
have taken domestic passengers between Philly, PA and the Goldsboro, NC area, to
someone familiar with early 20th C maritime history? I have contacted the Jewish
Philadelphia Archives Center where I obtained the record, but they were unable to
help. The Baltimore & Ohio RR has been suggested, but the abbreviation seems wrong.
(Remember B&O RR of Monopoly board fame?), Also, as far as I know, the B&O's
major NC stops were Raleigh-Durham and to get to Philly would have involved so many
changes and to quite an inefficient mode of travel. The direct link is

2)VM13353 is a photograph of my very own genealogical brickwall, the mysterious
Edward Hempel, taken at the popular Sluztky's Studios of South Philly. My best
guess is it was taken around 1920. I know little about him, other than that he
came to the US >from Poland around 1912 and is listed as a painter/artist on my
mother's 1915 birth certificate. Direct link:

It would not surprise me to learn that Sarah and Edward had other children, under
another name. For obvious reasons given the times, I hope they did not return to
Poland. In any event, it would mean a great deal to learn what became of them and I
would be grateful for any help. Thanks very much in advance.
Alicia J. Weiss
Plainfield. VT

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