viewMate request and are there records of American-occupied Germany? #germany

Anita Berk <nwsgrp@...>

Hello Gersig:

Thank you for the help in translating my first document I ever posted on
I am now posting 4 small pages - I believe these are the 4 attachments
mentioned in the original document.
Your help in translating these 4 documents would be appreciated.

The numbers are: 49292, 49293, 49295, 49297

MODERATOR NOTE: ViewMate gives you suggested models of messages
to lists like GerSIG requesting translations.

Also, I have a question. My family lived in American-occupied Germany
after the war.
Are there records of American-occupied Germany and if so, how do I find
them? Thank you again so much!!!

Anita Berk, Denver, CO

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