Submitting transcription corrections to #germany

Judith Elam is a great genealogical website, but there are many, many
records that have been incorrectly transcribed, mostly due to human error.
Very often I see names and birth places botched in their transcriptions,
thereby making it harder, if not impossible, for a researcher to pull up
these records.

I have made it a habit of submitting corrections every time I run into such
an error, even if the records do not belong to my own relatives. I have
submitted hundreds of corrections. You can do this very easily by submitting
the correct version under "Add alternate information". On a few records you
will not see "Add alternate information", and then I submit the correction
under "Report issue" located directly below, and posting the link to the
incorrect transcription. updates its database every few
months, at which time the corrections become searchable.

May I suggest that other researchers also submit corrections, so that the database can be as accurate as possible. This way, we not only
help ourselves, but others too, in their research.

Judith Elam, Kihei, HI

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