Help interpreting late annotation on a Berlin death record, SCHUELER JASTROW #germany

Irene Newhouse

I've posted an image of a Berlin death record >from 1911 on ViewMate:

I can read all the normal parts. However, someone penciled something
on the page at the upper right. I interpret the first line to mean
that was done some time in 1952; the preceding numbers are day and
month. That in itself has me scratching my head. The 2nd line reads
breast cancer. Ergo, possible cause of death. But why add that so very
much later? The last line, I can't make heads or tails of at all;
that's what I'd like help with.

Lest someone theorize the notes were added at the instigation of a
descendant: I have Rosalie JASTROW nee SCHUELER's marriage record from
Berlin dated 1890. Berlin births have been released to 1899, and I've
found no evidence there were any children.

Thanks in advance! Irene Newhouse Kihei HI USA einew137@...

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