Intro-Researching BOEHM,WITTNER, STEINFELD,SCHLESINGER from Upper Silesia & MAIER,SCHWAB from Baden-Wurt #germany

E Wilson <eveywilson@...>

Hello Ger Sig,
I just joined the group. I have been researching for 10 years on & off
and consider myself an intermediate researcher. I know the names/
birth/death dates for my grandparents and some of my G Grandparents..
Upper Silesia (OS).

My goals are:
1. To learn if BOEHM, Hirschel had siblings named 1. BOEHM, Matthias,
2.BOEHM, Euphrate
To learn place of death for BOEHM, Hirschel/Hermann
To learn burial cemetery for BOEHM, Hirschel

Facts /strong beliefs:
BOEHM , Hirschel/Hermann- DOB 14Nov1838, Kornowatz bei Ratibor DOD
?24Jan1907; Lived in Beuthen/Bytom; 1900, lived in Breslau
father of BOEHM, Hirschel
BOEHM, Simon DOB 1804; DOD ?1870
GROSSMAN, Karoline DOB ca 1803, DOD ?1843; ?1870
BOEHM, Israel 1758- father of BOEHM, Simon

To learn DOB & DOD;
To learn names of parents of STEINFELD, Salo

STEINFELD, Salo DOB ca 1840-45 Oberglogau/Glogowek O.S ; DOM 13Aug1869
Oberglogau OS,

3. SCHLESINGER, Caecille
To learn DOB, DOD
To learn parents names

Know: DOB ?1845-1850 Proskau, OS Opole;DOM 13Aug1869 Oberglogau OS, DOD?

4. MAIER, Gustav: >from Malsch Kr. Karlsruhe, Germany ( have much info)
from R. Baer and visits to Malsch but would be pleased to learn more.

5. SCHWAB, MODEL families >from Breisach am Rh, Germany ( have much
information) >from research by others and many visits.

Evelyn Wilson, Reston, Virginia JGFF is #471110

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