JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Locate Home town -- Piasky Luterskie? #general

Alexander Sharon

Bernie Schreft wrote

Was always told that Father's family came >from Piasky Luterskie, near and
later incorporated into Lublin. Poland.

But I also get such names as: Piasky Lubelskie, Puisk.

Are they the same? What is the story? Please help. You can e-mail/write
me directly.

There are not Piaski Lubelskie.
Where >from you are getting such name as "Piasky Lubelskie, Puisk"?

Piaski Luterskie were not incorporated into Lublin municipality.

BTW, there ar 78 entries for Piaski Lubelskie in JGFF database
English translation (Shirley Collier editor) of Piaski Luterskie Sefer
Yzkor >from the Yad vaShem Pinkas Hakehilot is located there:

Hag Sukkot Sameach

Alexander Sharon
JGFF Editor

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