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papaworx <papaworx@...>

You may have been given incorrect information. Burghaslach is in
Middle Franconia, and the 'Judenmatrikel of Middle Franconia" have
been transcribed and published by the Staatsarchiv Nuernberg in
collaboration with the genealogical Society of Franken. Samuel Isaak
Hellmuth has entry 2208. I am sending you an image by separate e-mail.

Ralph Bloch
Dundas, Ontario Canada

On Oct 1, 6:41 pm, tsca...@... (Terri Scaggs) wrote:

How can I get a copy of this Matrikel 1808-1875?
My great, great, great grandfather was in Burghaslach Germany
and changed his Samuel Issak name to Samuel Hellmuth.
He was born in 1785 and died on May 26, 1858 in Burghaslach.

I would also like to know about public records or church records
regarding Samuel Issak Hellmuth. I am looking for a copy of
his birth certificate and death certificate and mother's information.

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