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From: Walter Reed <reedupuis@...>
Date: October 4, 2009 11:52:30 AM CDT
To: "JewishGen Discussion Group" <jewishgen@...>
Subject: Re: jewishgen digest: October 03, 2009

In response to "6. Izbica/Belzec" of October 3:

Dear Willi Glaser,
I have just read with more than casual interest your JewishGen
posting re Izbica. On your list is my brother Herbert Rindsberg who
was deported to Izbica >from Kitzingen/Würzburg on the same
transport as your family. Although I have much information about this
transport, the trail ends with their departure >from the Nürnberg
area. So, thanks ever so much for finding and posting this.
As a postscript I can tell you several other related things:
The German historian Dr. Elmar Schwinger (SchwiWae@...) has done
extensive research about the Jews of Kitizingen and their
deportation to Izbica and nearby areas (he has visited there 5
times). A lot is contained in his 2009 book "Von Kitzingen nach
Izbica - Aufstieg und Katastrophe der mainfraenkischen
Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde Kitzingen". This book is obtainable
through the Stadtarchiv Kitzingen and, of course, through the
author, who is my friend. In this book you will also find a
description of the pilgrimage undertaken by 80 community leaders and
students >from all parts of Franconia in May 2007 to erect a memorial
to the Franconian victims at Izbica. This included visits to Lublin,
Majdanek, Sobibor and Belzec and my family and I participated. If
this is of interest I can supply photographs.
It is amazing that after all these years information still is found
that documents these gruesome deeds and events. Thank you for your
Walter Reed (originally Werner Rindsberg)
Wilmette IL USA

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