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I am assisting a cousin with tracing his father's side of the family.
Based on an old ketubah and some headstones, I found his NEWHOUSE
ancestor was named Schneur Zalman. This individual would have been
born ca. 1850-60. The story was that the family hails >from a town near
Minsk, but based on some ship manifests I have reviewed, I suspect
rather that the family moved around a bit and may have lived in both
Crottingen (Kretinga, Lithuania) and Dvinsk -- probably as NEUHAUS.

I am wondering whether Schneur was almost invariably used to denote
adherents to a particular Hassidic stream, such as followers of Rabbi
Schneur Zalman of Liadi, or if it was a common enough name amongst
all Jews. I know Zalman is quite common, but I have not seen Schneur
as often.

I have read one website, which indicates the name is a combination of
"Shnei Ohr" meaning two lights.

Thank you.

Evan Wolfson

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