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Alan S. Karan posted about Mt. Hebron Cemetery. He remarked in part:

"I think they would also have the funeral home, persons paying for the
burial, contact person and etc., on paper files. Does anyone have personal
knowledge on how to obtain this information at Mount Hebron? The deceased
are cousins that I am researching."

My remarks are:

Some of this depends on how far back the burial was. Not all burial records
have the same quantity and quality of information. A funeral home does have
to call the cemetery to arrange for the burial, so one would think that they
would have the name of the funeral home (though not the name of the person
paying for the burial, as that person pays the funeral home, not the
cemetery.) They most often have the name of the person who is the contact
for the burial, though this isn't always the case, nor would the person
necessarily be alive, etc. However, if you are not immediate family, they
will not generally give you such information, since this information is
considered to be private, so....
You can try showing up at the cemetery office in person, but this might not
help unless you tell them you are part of the immediate family and can
convince them of it.

Saying that, assuming you can view the death certificate, you might be able
to learn the name of the funeral home which is often listed on it. However,
depending once again on how far back the burial was, the funeral home might
no longer be extant.

Steve Lasky

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