Looking for Lazlo Grosz #austria-czech

Charles Mahler

Dear All,
A friend of mine is trying to find info about his wife's grandfather named
GROSZ Laszlo, >from the Nagy Alfoeld village Bucsa.
"After the second World War, and after his return >from forced labor in the
Ukraine (his mother and father survived Auschwitz), he was rejected by his
girlfriend, Balogh Rozsalia, with whom he had a male child, Laszlo Balogh,
the father of my wife. Mister Grosz left the region, not after he had
insisted that he wanted to recognize his son. In vain, for the Balogh family
further rejected his demands. He probably left the country for France,
Belgium or the USA. It is still a mystery where he continued his life.
This Laszlo Grosz was the steward at the estate of Eugene Fould-Springer (son of
Therese Ephrussi), for the Fould-Springer family owned estates in Bucsa and
the nearby village of Szerep (Nagy Alfoeld) and in (Hungarian) Slovakia".
Does any body has some info about this man?
Best regards
Charles Mahler Antwerp Belgium

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