German to English Translation #germany

Alan Seid

Dear Group,
I am looking for help in translating 1 birth and 1 death record.
Please help with providing a word for word translation >from German
to English. Please also provide the German text.

< ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >
Please thank those who help you and support ViewMate, JewishGen
and GerSIG

Marjem Seidenwerk, died 15 Sep 1892 in Zloczow, row 97.
Daughter of Hersch Leib Seidenwerk and Sara Schildkraut.

Efrojem Schildkraut, born 23 Feb 1883 in Skalat, row 24.
Son of Moses Schildkraut and Chinke Flaks.

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you very much, Alan Seid

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