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Alexander Sharon

Rita Park wrote
We have just located naturalization documents in US for a possible
relative by the name of Abraham CHEMEROFSKY.
Our Chemerofsky family resided in UK and census reports have place of
birth as Russia Poland Residents.
The aforementioned naturalization documents state the applicant came >from
Clonime , Russia. I am unable to find such a place anywhere. Has anyone
heard of this place ? if so I would be very grateful if you can assist in
helping us locate it.It may be a possible lead to our known families

It appears to be town Slonim, currently located in Belarus. This uyezd town
used to be part of Grodno Guberniya BTW, Chemerovsky family name is listed
also in town Brest and Wysokie Litewskie (Brest Ujezd, Grodno Guberniya)
- please refer to Belarus SIG database.
All those towns were located in Poland during the interwar period.

Best Regards,

Alexander Sharon
JGFF Editor

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