Siblings of Jacob Benedikt WOHL and Isaak Abraham KOHN (ENGLAENDER) #germany

Ralph Baer

Jacob Benedict WOHL (also known as Lekisch FORTH) of Schnaittach in the
present-day Landkreis Nuernberger Land, Bavaria, was a half-brother of my
ancestor Isaak Abraham KOHN (ENGLAENDER) (died 29 April 1780 Fuerth). They
had the same mother, probably named Sorle, but different fathers, most
likely Bendit (=Baruch) David WOHL of Frankfurt am Main and definitely
Abraham Isaak KOHN of Fuerth, respectively.

Jacob was childless and died in 1775. On his 1773 will, five sisters or
half-sisters are mentioned. The sisters were born in Frankfurt or Fuerth,
depending upon whether they were sisters or half-sisters. The will is now
on-line at the Leo Baeck Institute website in the Albert PHIEBIG collection.

I am interested in finding out if anyone has a connection to or knowledge of
any of these sisters and their families:

1. Fradl in Amsterdam.

2. Kanla in Mosenheim (Mainzer Land) (a town which I cannot locate, perhaps
Meisenheim). Her daughter Fromala was married to Juden Vogt in Illfeld,
Bavaria (probably Uehlfeld [now in the Landkreis Neustadt an der Aisch - Bad
Windesheim, Bavaria]), also children Kadl and Koepl.

3. Judl (umlaut on u) in Hammerstein (Mainzer Land) (another town which I am
not sure of), had a son Hirschl Josl in Hermannstein (now in the
Lahn-Dill-Kreis, Hessen). I am not certain which place named Hammerstein
belonged to Mainz, perhaps Hammerstein am Rhein in the Landkreis Neuwied.

4. A sister in Langenschwarz, given name not mentioned, (at that time
belonging to the Stift Fulda, now in the Landkreis Fulda, Hessen). Either
married to or had a son named Meyer.

5. Rosl (umlaut on o) in Wasserlos (now in the Landkreis Aschaffenburg),
died before 1773.

In addition, there was a brother, name unknown, who had two daughters, the
wife of David Low (umlaut on o) in Schwarzenberg (perhaps the one in the
Erzgebirgskreis, Sachsen) and the wife of Wolf Jacob in Illfeld, Bavaria
(again probably Uehlfeld).

The first three sisters and the brother also probably died by 1773 since the
inheritance went to their children. I realize that these references are far
from specific. E.g., there were probably a lot of Fradls in Amsterdam in the
mid-18th century.

Opinions about what the towns are which I cannot identify with certainty are
also appreciated.

[I add for informational purposes that I am a descendant of Isaak Abraham
KOHN's (ENGLAENDER's) daughter Dina ENGLAENDER (born about 1745 Fuerth, died
22 August 1785 Baiersdorf) who married Abraham Meyer AUB (born about 1743
Baiersdorf, died 30 May 1811 Baiersdorf). Albert PHIEBIG was a descendant of
Dina's younger half-brother Abraham Hirsch KOHN (ENGLAENDER) (born 22 July
1764 Fuerth, died 16 September 1788 Fuerth).]

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