Juvenile Reformatory: Schloss Flehingen #germany

Liz Hanellin

Hello Fellow GerSIGers,

Does anyone know about a juvenile reformatory called Schloss Flehingen?
I recently learned that a relative spent time there in 1927 and again
in 1929 (so much for reformation!).

I found a description on the German Wikipedia that says that it is in
Oberdrdingenin the district of Karlsruhe, in the northwest of
Baden-Wuerttemberg. This brief article begins the history of the
Schloss (Castle) in 1355, brings it up to 1905, and then skips to
the present. To summarize the relevant part: In 1894 the Baden State
acquired the castle to establish an educational institution in it
and, between 1904 and 1905, the interiors were converted for this

Today it is used as an educational center for the "Communal Association
for Youth and Social Affairs Baden-Wuerrttemberg (KVJS)" and it houses
four state-approved schools. The website for the for the KVJS itself
mentions three schools and doesn't seem to mention the history,
although I'm reading everything through the Google translator,
so it's possible I missed something.

I would like to find out about the period of time not mentioned in the
description, when it was a reformatory school. For example, was it
specifically for Jews and anti-Nazi activists, or was it more for
troubled teenagers/juvenile delinquents/petty criminals, etc.?
Was it more like school or prison ?

The only "old" reference that I was able to find to it online for
that was one regarding a Jehovah's witness teenager who had refused
to do a Nazi salute and was sent there in 1937.

If anyone has information about this place, or has a relative who spent
time there, I would love to hear >from you. Many thanks, as always,

Liz Hanellin liz_hanellin@yahoo.com

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