JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Finding Passengers from South America to NYC on Steve Morse's website #general

Ellen & Sal Barbieri <elsal@...>

On Ellis Island Gold Form:

I recently found an Italian who was no where to be found entering NY. Since
I know many went back & forth to South America, I entered last residence Rio
de Janiero & ethnicity Italian & found him.

I did a sampling of last res: Rio de Janiero & ethnicity Russian - 47
ex. # 19 on index GUERHMAN, Benzion. All 4 passengers with him listed race:
Hebrew, gives names & addresses of Jews left in Rio & persons going to.

from sampling of last res: Buenos Aires & ethnicity Lithuanian - 68
Passenger RIKERTIENE, Zelma on index listed race: Hebrew with 16 others on
page listed race: Hebrew.
last res: Buenos Aires & ethnicity Russian - 3,240 passengers

While looking for the Italian, I noticed the following ethnicities:
Portugese, Hungarian, German, Austrian, Holland, Barbados, Syria, Turkey,
Roumania, France, Canada, Greece, Sweden, England, Bulgaria, Lithuania,
Bavaria, Spain, Armenia. I found a fairly large number of transposed first &
surnames, so scanning the index is better than looking up individual names.
Also, lots of misspelled names, so best to scan index or use name

You can enter other ports: La Plata, Argentina; Sao Paolo, Brazil; Santos,
Manifests after 1906 give place of birth in Europe. Think we may be
surprised to find relatives who unbeknownst to us were in South America.

Ellen Barbieri - Researcher #8682
San Diego, CA
Researching: ZYMAN, MARCUS - Lubowo (Liubavas, Lith); ZYMAN, KAPLAN,
FRYDLANDSKI, JAWORKOWSKI - Filipow; GOLDBERG - ? same general area

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