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Martin Miller

GENI is only the latest in a string of these on-line ventures to contribute to what
I call a genealogical Tower of Babel. Once you share anything with anyone you lose
control. In my case it happened when a relative submitted all my research to that
outfit that asked for donations of family trees and sold them on CDs. The version
of the tree at that point had a serious error, and there was no way I could change
what he uploaded any more than I could ask for all the paper and electronic copies
I had distributed. Then that company was absorbed by another who dumped the
contents of those CDs on their site without even listing the submitter. It's been a
headache ever since, and more than one person isn't talking to me anymore.

Probably a dozen of our relative started trees on GENI using the data it has taken
me twenty years to collect. I have done my best to mitigate any damage by
correcting when I can, even signed up for the paid subscription. I have been able
to contact more living relatives in a week than I could in a year probably. These
are branches I knew about but couldn't find. And if you find a relative in a tree
submitted by someone on another line, you have another avenue of contact. Not
documentation, but contacts.

What do they say? Make lemonade?

Martin Miller
Syracuse, NY for my genealogy site

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