INTRO- Researching GARLITZ / GERLITZ / GARLLIC family [from Poland] #germany

Ivy Dennett-Thorpe <ivygar@...>

Hello GerSig,

I just joined the group. Thank you for adding me. I have been doing
genealogy research for 8 years. I have been concentrating on American,
Polish, Ukrainian, and Lithuanian records: I consider myself to be a
beginner in doing German Jewish Genealogy research and am an expect in
using a computer and the internet. I was born in Miami and I now live
in England. My paternal grandfather Isadore GARLITZ was born in Sierpc,
Poland and emigrated to the US with his family in 1904. The spelling of
our name varies; when transcribed >from Russian and Polish it is also
spelled GERTLITZ, Gerlic, and GERLIK. I've discovered that our family
originated in the Plock area of Poland in the early 1800s. Recently, I
found the birth record for my great great grandfather Solomon GERLITZ
in 1814 in Biezun, a town in Plock Gubernia. His birth is also the
earliest record I've found for Chaim Wolf Eliasz GERTLITZ (1784-1844) and
Sarah Roza Herszkowiczow GERTLITZ (1787-1857) my great great great

I've corresponded with other people researching branches of the
Garlitz/Gerlitz/Gerlic family and we believe the family originated with
Chaim Wolf 's father Israel Elijah Gerlitz (1768-1838). We believe
Israel Elijah left Görlitz and settled in Poland in the early 1800s, and
our family name comes >from his birthplace. We have confirmed that Israel
Elijah GERTLITZ had a father named Chaim and another son named Zusha
GERTLITZ who also settled in Poland.

My primary research goals now are to find out if Israel Elijah GERTLITZ
and his family lived in Görlitz. I have been searching records for many
towns in the Plock Gubernia but I can't find any records for Chaim Wolf
earlier than the 1814 birth of his son Solomon, or any records >from this
time for Zusha and Israel Elijah. I wonder if sometime before 1814 Chaim
Wolf and his wife Sarah Roza, Zusha, and Israel Elijah all left Görlitz
for the Biezun area. Does anyone know if are there any surviving vital
records for Görlitz and the Görlitz area for the 1810s, the 1800s, and
the eighteenth century? I would appreciate advice.

My JGFF Researcher ID number is : 347340

The family names and ancestral towns that I have entered in the JGFF
(JewishGen Family Finder) are:
(for my paternal grandfather's family) Garlitz >from Boston, Garlitz from
Sierpc Poland, Gerlic/Gerlitz >from Plock Poland; Weinbaum >from Sierpc Poland.
[and others >from Lithuania and Ukraine.]

Thank you, Ivy Garlitz Dennett-Thorpe, Suffolk, England

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