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Eva Blanket

Dear Evan,

My grandfather born in the Carpathian-Rusyn region in the time when this was a part
of The Austro-Hungarian Empire, was known as 'Shloime' in Yiddish. His Hebrew name
was 'Solomon'. So my understanding is that 'Shloime/Shlioma' is the Yiddish for the
name'Solomon/Soloman'. In researching in this area Ifound that this pattern seemed
to prevail. Zalman seemed to be a different name.

There is also the (different) name of 'Saloman'. Perhaps this is the equivalent of

Best wishes,
Eva Blanket

From: Evan Wolfson <ewolfson@...>
There was a good bit of discussion in the past about Shlioma being the equivalent
of Zalman...
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