Litomerice 1921 census online #austria-czech


Art Spira asks how the census records are arranged. Yes Art the Bohemian
censuses were usually recorded according to address. Each residence is
accorded one page of records. So if you have an address its easy to find the
records of the family or families who lived at that address.
If you don't have an address then you have to look through all the records
to find the family you are searching for. It can take quite along time.
The other option is to write to the archive and ask them to find it for you.
The list of Czech archives can be found on the National Czech Archives
website. If you find the home page the brown "button" on the LHS with the
words "Ceska archivni spolecnost" (meaning Czech Society of Archivists) will
lead you with a click to the word Adresar also on the LHS and that means
address in English.
Click on that and you will find a list of Czech archives which you can then
open with another click. The Litomerice archive is found by clicking on the
link Statni oblastni archiv v Litomericich. There you will find the email address
for enquiries plus a postal address and even telephone numbers.
Good luck
Daniela Torsh

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