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I'm researching my great-grandmother Sarah STUBINSKY. Here is what I
know. Sarah married my great-grandfather in Pittsburgh, PA October
1915. According to the marriage certificate she lists her birthplace
simply as Russia. Her age is listed as 20 years old. Her father's
surname is Shulim and he is listed as deceased. Her mother's name is
Katherine PAPIER residing in Russia. Sara's address is listed as
Robinson Street (Oakland) Pittsburgh, PA. The Orphan's court
appointed Israel GOODSTEIN as her guardian. Israel GOODSTIEN signed
a Consent to marriage and he is residing at Wyke Ave. and lists Sarah
as residing in her home.

On her death certificate in 1957 it lists her place of birth as Poland.

I haven't been successful in finding her entry into the U.S. I have
found something that is of interest. A ship manifest on the S.S.
Barcelona >from Hamburg to Philadelphia on April 23, 1912 contains on
line 3 a Taube STEPANSKIA. She is listed as 20 years old >from Pultusk,
Russia. It lists her mother back home as Rochel STEPANSKIA in Pultusk,
Russia (certainly not Katherine!). Whatâ??s interesting is her
destination of Pittsburgh, PA. Her destination is to her cousin Harry

According to the 1920 Census, it shows Sarah GINSBURG as being 28 years
old (yob 1892). Year of arrival is 1911. This info makes the ship
manifest a bit promising. Also the fact that her father was certainly
deceased by the 1915 marriage, listing only her mother left in Pultusk
(as opposed to her father) is another interesting fact.

Here are my questions:

1. It is hard for me to decipher the name of the destination on the
ship manifest. Could a kind genner perhaps send me a copy with a high

2. Any opinions as to what the Last name of this cousin might be?

3. Does anyone have any advice how to proceed with my search?
Unfortunately, there is no known family that I can connect to my great
grandmother to further my search or leads.


Jerusalem, ISRAEL

GLASSER, GLEZER, GLESER: Lygumai, Lithuania --> N.Y., U.S.A.
YALON, JALUN RUBIN, RYBIN, PIONTNICA: Goworow, Ostrow Maz. Brok, Poland -> U.S.A.
PARNAFES (STEIN), PARNESS, ZIPA: Darabani, Romania-->Pittsburgh, U.S.A. and Israel
GREENBERG, JAUKEL, GORDON, KAISERMAN: Kiyev, Ukraine --> Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
LAZEBNIK (GINSBURG): Cherkassy, Smile, Ukraine --> Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
STABINSKY, PAPIR, PAPIER: Russian Empire (Poland?) --> Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

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