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I am looking for KANEREYEV family >from Letichev, Nowo Konstantinow,
Nowo Constantine, Constantine, Mezibuz, Prosokov and the related area.

I found a few families related to GRINBERG / GREENBERG , MEDOVOY /
MEDOVOI / MEDOVAYA and Kalyhzner / Kalushiner / Kalish and Isirov in
searching Yadvashem and Ellis Island listed by various of the Medovoi /
Medovaya families after the war.

There seems to be part of the family that was Romanian as the YadVashem
posting sheets show that some of them spoke Romanian.

All the very best,
Raanan S. Isseroff

Searching for: GRINBERG >from Letichev & Medzibozh
Isirov / Isseroff / Iserov / Isarov / Isserow >from Medziboz & Letichev
or surrounding areas

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