Czech Vital records #austria-czech


Thank you Daniela Torsh for elaborating on the Familianten laws and the
Unehrlich births. I am, however, still puzzled by the fact that in four
instances where a birth has been marked as Unehrlich, ditto marks (") have been
entered in the Father column, these marks appearing directly beneath entries
registering children born to my Great-Great-Grandfather Salomon Z Aufrichtig
and his wife Julie [Jachet] Lokschan Aufrichtig. These ditto marks appear to
imply that Salomon was the father of the Unehrlich child.

Other checks I performed on ditto marks used in the Pathen column reveal
that they seem to be using them in the appropriate fashion - i.e. indicating
a repeat of the information in the line above. On that basis, do I now have
to consider the possibility that G-G-Grandad Salomon fathered 13 children
and not 9?

Ronny Roberts, London & Bradenton, FL
WODAK (Moravia)

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