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Pavel Risenberg

Hello. I'm seeking information about the family and ancestors of
Mendel RISENBERG (who lived in Kastsyukovichy, Klimovichi, Mogilevskaya
obl., Belarus). I have only several facts -- he died before 1941,
his father's name was Iosif, his wife was Ida Zelikovna (birth name not
available, unfortunately), they had at least 3 children -- Iosif (born 1919
or 1922), Fannie (Faina, born 1914) and Hatja (1926).

I've also heard (though this questionable, but could help) that Mendel
was a rabbi.

I would appreciate any information, as well as information about
jewish community in Kastsyukovichy and around that could help.

And by the way, what could be the full name for Hatya (as stated in
USSR passport)? I consider it's not an original version.

I also suppose this surname variations:RISSENBERG, REZENBERG

Thank you,
Pavel Risenberg
London, UK

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