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Dear Sir

It is the first time I apply to you. My father was bon in Poland in the year
1914. He has died in Israel Haifa 1953. His name was Ignatz Reinfeld' or
Raijnfeld. I did not recognize him while he had died before I WAS BORN 4
MONTH. Anyway his parent's name was Shifra and Reuben. They were living in
Warsava. As far as I know, Reuben had died before the war and Shifra had been
murdured by the Nazies. My fathe left Poland about the last months of 1939 to
the border of Russia. He has disappeared for 5 years' and probabely was
arrested by Stalin suspected to be non -comunist.We do not know were he was
hold by the Russian authorities.

By the end of the war they let him go. I do not know if he succeeded
coming back to Poland' I assume not while he had no family any more.
He had in Warsawa sister who was married to wealthy man. She had with her
huaband ( I donot know his name ) three famous Cinema Theatre in
Warsawa called Koloseum Maue and Koloseum Dushe and another one. My father
has learnt in Hinuch School and High Economic and Commercial School
UN Warsawa. Does any body know more details about his Familly? Does any body
know the family of his sister?

Pls. let me know.
i. reinfeld Israel

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