Undocumented marriages Svihov #austria-czech


Prague researcher Julius Muller studied my family records in Svihov for me years ago, before computerized
data sources were available. He learned that Daniel BLOCH was the saudek of four children of Sarah WEDELES.
There is no State marriage record of Daniel Bloch and Sarah Wedeles, but Daniel acknowledged his children in
religious terms, at least in some records. Listers more knowledgeable than me can perhaps explain what the
meaning of saudek is and where these types of records can be located today. This family emigrated to St.
Louis Missouri in 1848 where Daniel helped start B'nai El synagogue and where they lived as a married
couple with the mother and children taking the name Block. Daughter Veronica married Schwarzkopf and
then Berwin.

Dan Brockman
Barrington Illinois
Block, Wedeles, Berwin, Marx, Pickard, Schwarzkopf, Fischer

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