Wiesenfeld, Bavaria, Germany #germany

Susan Edel

I wonder if anyone can help me. I have been asked to help friends trace
a Sefer Torah that was saved by their grandmother Mathilde STERN nee
SICHEL on crystal night, November 1938. The Torah scroll was given
to a Catholic family for safekeeping during the war, in Wiesenfeld.

Hugo and Mathilde STERN asked their neighbor to please give the Scroll
to the first Jew they met after the war, should they, the STERN family,
not survive.

It would appear that the Catholic neighbors kept their promise and handed
the Sefer Torah to an American Rabbi who was with the troops who liberated
Wiesenfeld in 1945, saying that they felt the Scroll had protected them
throughout the war, during the bombing.

Does anyone know which US troops liberated Wiesenfeld or where this
Sefer Torah may have ended up?

Hoping very much that someone may be able to help me.

Susan Edel, Petach Tikva, Israel <susan@...>

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