"Illegitimate" Children in Documents #austria-czech

Fritz Neubauer

Ronny wrote:

Thank you Daniela Torsh for elaborating on the Familianten laws and the
Unehrlich births. I am, however, still puzzled by the fact that in four
instances where a birth has been marked as Unehrlich, ditto marks (") have been
entered in the Father column, these marks appearing directly beneath entries
registering children born to my Great-Great-Grandfather Salomon Z Aufrichtig
and his wife Julie [Jachet] Lokschan Aufrichtig. These ditto marks appear to
imply that Salomon was the father of the Unehrlich child.
Dear Ronny,

please note that the German term for "illegitimate" (child) is UNEHELICH
(two e's there, no r), not "unehrlich" which means "dishonest" in German ...

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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