Re: 3 Dutch sisters with the same given name ??? #germany

Steve Jaron

Hi Werner,
What town in the Netherlands and surname are you looking at? Are you
looking on the and websites? I would like to
see what you are looking at. On Akevoth they will sometimes include
the researchers explanation for things as well as include additional

I have seen siblings with the same or similar names, in fact I have at
least two instances on my tree that I can think of. Though one of
those instances I think is a mistake but I will need to go back to
Amsterdam to verify.

In any case I have found that in researching my Dutch ancestry that
naming conventions tend to go out the window. One thing I know off
hand you can expect to see is kids named after living relatives. And
don't even get me started on surnames...

-Steve Jaron -

On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 5:10 PM, Werner Frank
<> wrote:
The official Dutch nineteenth century records of one Jewish family
show three daughters, all with same given name of Marianne.
A confirmation of this seeming curious practice are the marriage
records of the two sisters wherein the parents names are identical.
Can anyone explain this anomaly?

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