WEYL and LOBBENBERG #germany

Hank Lobbenberg

Dear Gersiggers,
I have hit yet another wall in my hunt for family tree members. Regine
JACOBS b. 1894 in Leiwen and d. 1942 in Auschwitz first married Manfred
I am unable to find out anything of his birth or death and would very much
like to know these details.
Regine then married Max WEYL b. 1873 and d. 1942 in Terezin, the esteemed
rabbi of the Rikestrasse Synagogue in Berlin. He tutored Regina Jonas who
became the first woman rabbi in the world in 1935.
I would like to know where Max WEYL was born and how he may have fitted in
to the many WEIL families already in my LOBBENBERG family tree.

Regards, Henry Lobbenberg, Toronto, Canada hank.lobben@rogers.com

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