Re: WEYL and LOBBENBERG #germany

Fritz Neubauer

[Henry Lobbenberg asked about his LOBBENBERG & JACOBS brick wall. (copy below)]

Dear Henry,
If you click on

you can see the dates for Dr. Max Michael WEYL, born 17-Feb-1873 in
Berlin and his death date 27-Sep-1942.

A further click gets you to his official death certificate, which also
mentions Max Weyl's sister Anna WEYL, also in Theresienstadt.

You can also see Regine WEYL's dates in the Gedenkbuch of the Federal
Archives, where it is stated that she had fled to Belgium and was
deported >from Mechelen to Auschwitz on 20-Sep-1943:
Weyl, Regina Regine
nee Jacobs div. Lobbenberg
born on 01st November 1894 in Leiwen / Trier / Rheinprovinz
resident of Berlin (Mitte)
Emigration: Belgien
from Mechelen (Malines) 20'th September 1943, Auschwitz, extermination camp
The Auschwitz Chronicle by Danuta Czech says for September 22, 1943 in
the German version on page 612 in my translation):

"With transports 22a and 22b of the RSHA 1425 Jews arrived >from Mechelen
in Belgium. The transport contained 586 men and 124 boys as well as 598
women and 117 girls. After the selection 371 men receive the Auschwitz
prison number 151481 to 151851, and 179 women are assigned the numbers
62805 to 62993. The remaining 875 deportees are killed in the gas chambers."

I hope that helps, Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

Am 01.11.2016 um 14:53 schrieb Henry Lobbenberg
I have hit yet another wall in my hunt for family tree members. Regine
JACOBS b. 1894 in Leiwen and d. 1942 in Auschwitz first married Manfred
I am unable to find out anything of his birth or death and would very much
like to know these details.
Regine then married Max WEYL b. 1873 and d. 1942 in Terezin, the esteemed
rabbi of the Rikestrasse Synagogue in Berlin. He tutored Regina Jonas who
became the first woman rabbi in the world in 1935.
I would like to know where Max WEYL was born

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