Re: Searching the New York Passenger Lists in One Step -[RESEARCH GUIDE] #germany

Ellen Barnett Cleary

Let me first thank all of you who gave me so many helpful suggestions.

I thought it might be helpful if I told you what has worked to answer my
particular question, as it might help others.

I learned that you can go to and search for the name of
a ship.

Someone did this leg of the work for me and told me the St Laurent
sailed into New York, but had I not known this, I could have just
searched the listed ports that included the year 1867. It turns out
only New York lists this ship.

I learned that ships in 1867 arrived in Castle Garden.
So I searched:
*Castle Garden Passengers*
<>*: Searching the Castle Garden
Database in One Step (*
There I searched the name of the ship, St. Laurent, in 1867

It gave me 6 dates for the St Laurent in 1867. One is in June, another
in August.

I went to and clicked on search records. At the bottom
of that page there is a box where you can find a collection. I entered
passenger list in the box and it gave me a list to choose from. I chose

New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891

At the bottom of that page is the option:
Browse through 428,944 images

That brings you to a page that lists the NARA roll numbers and what
dates they cover.

The info I got >from gave me the NARA roll numbers that
contain the St Laurent passenger lists, so all I had to do >from there is
click on each applicable roll number and browse that roll.

I am in the process of doing that right now.

I cannot thank you enough for your help with this project. I had no
idea where to begin and now I am right on course.

Ellen Barnett Cleary, San Francisco CA,

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